Anxiety Control

Natural and Non-Medicated Anxiety Reduction

Often times measures, other than medication, should be considered to reduce anxiety. Sometimes a simple description of one’s history, thoughts, feelings and fears with an empathetic ear is enough to reassure one’s inner fears. Another alternative would be outsourcing to a hypnotherapist. While sitting in the dental chair s visualization and/or breathing exercises will often suffice. To aid you in focusing your senses elsewhere, bringing your own IPod or using our ‘VUSIX’ headset to watch DVD movies will facilitate your calmer self. We can provide pillows and/or blankets to aid in reassuring your comfort.


Oral sedatives are agents to aid in relaxation. They work by reducing your anxiety level and may be given when basic relaxation techniques are ineffective. Sedatives may be used together with anesthetics and analgesics. These kinds of sedatives (such as nitrous oxide and tranquilizers) can be administered before or during an appointment.

Oral sedation induces a sense of calmness while awake. Analgesics, anti-anxiety agents, and sedatives may be used in some combination in order to make the patient more comfortable and relaxed, thereby making anxiety more manageable.

If you choose oral sedation, you are given a pill to take prior to your dental appointment. You must have someone accompany you to the office. By the time you arrive, you will be more relaxed.

When your treatment is completed, your companion will return you home to finish your comfortable and relaxing day.

Excessive Saliva

Many patients have an excess production of saliva. This situation can create anxiety all by itself. Medication can be given for excessive saliva which is a normal ‘flight or fight’ response to anxiety.

Barriers (Rubber Dam)

Barriers enable increased visibility, cleanliness, patient comfort and therefore, are a big aid in anxiety control. There is no more worry about debris or excessive water in your mouth. There is no more having to struggle to keep your mouth open. Rubber dams are used whenever possible for our procedures.

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