Consultations & Second Opinions

Come in to meet Dr. Watson, share information and talk about your dental needs and wants with no obligation. Be advised that opinions regarding any condition will be difficult at best without a complete and thorough examination. Please click here to set up your consultation. Or call our office at 415-564-7200

New Patient Exam

  • All new patients receive a comprehensive dental examination and consultation which is required for all new patients. The examination may include any necessary x-rays, photos, and mouth models.
  • Dr. Watson will explain each step along the way before proceeding. An average time for this process is one and one half hours. In most cases a second appointment will then be scheduled.
  • Before the second appointment, Dr. Watson will have reviewed the findings so he will be able to explain the benefits and alternatives of treatment with you.
  • With his help and understanding, you will make the final choices about your dental health.

Second Opinion Consults

Dr. Watson also offers second opinions to help you make decisions about your dental health. Perhaps you visit a doctor and feel that the diagnosis given is not quite clear, or not to your liking for whatever reason. To clarify and to make a wise and an informed choice about your ongoing dental care, Dr. Watson offers a second opinion examination and consultation.

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