Know Your Snore Score

Know Your Snore Test Snoring has become more than a social issue.   It has been shown that the sleep partner loses one hour of REM (deep sleep) per night.  Not only that, snoring has become MORE than a quality of life issue as it has been shown to be progressive over time.

A score of 9 or above indicates you may be having a problem with daytime sleepiness but below 9 does not necessarily mean that you don’t have a problem.  If you snore score is 9 or above, or have been told that you awake gasping for breath, or if you are sleepy during the day please call me as soon as possible  to determine if a SNORE GUARD will work for you to increase your quality of sleep.

Click on the ‘Get Your Snore Score’  link below, print the Snore Score document, and take the self test.  Call my office if you have any questions.  It is possible all you need is a ‘snore guard’ for enhanced quality sleep for yourself and your partner.

Thank you,
Dr. James Watson

Get Your Snore Score

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