Snoring & Tooth Wear

Preventative dental health is important to monitor, prevent and correct certain conditions such as tooth wear, snoring, and TMD pain. Our Teeth Forever Services are offered to help preserve your teeth forever.

Snoring & Snore Guards 

Our office has an important role to play in the treatment of patients with snoring problems. If 60% of men and 40% of women between forty and sixty years of age snore, this is a huge problem. Snoring can be a disruptive problem affecting your health and your partner.

As time goes on, the public is becoming more aware of the health risks associated with snoring and sleep apnea. It is the dental professionals’ responsibility to educate their patients, the public and the medical profession about the important role that dentists, and the oral appliances they provide, play in the treatment of snoring.

Take a few moments and take the ‘Snore-Score’ to see if you will benefit from a snore guard. Just click on “Know Your Snore Score” link under patient center and print the document.

Tooth Grinding & Clenching  (also known as bruxism) Guards

A night guard or mouth a guard are one in the same.  For our purposes of discussion, we will refer to them as a guard.  The most common usage (of a guard)  is to prevent tooth wear, fracture of existing teeth or porcelain crowns and to treat tooth mobility which are all caused by bruxism.  Other uses of a guard may be for headaches, facial pain, or to change bite patterns when rehabilitating a mouth with extensive prosthetics.

Bruxism can break and crack teeth, accelerate gum disease, cause multiple centers of the head and neck to hurt, or cause previous restorations to prematurely wear out or fracture.  The guard is usually made of a clear, hard plastic and fits on the upper teeth only just barely over the edges of the teeth and not on the roof of the mouth.  The prematurely aging dentition benefits greatly from the wearing of guards while asleep.

We have a high compliance rate as we offer solutions as part of our Advanced Dentistry & Smile Design.

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